Mike Will Made It & Future Are Releasing Joint Mixtape in 2015

Some early Christmas news for us all. In an interview with XXL, Mike Will Made It revealed that in 2015, he will be releasing a joint mixtape with Future. Whenever these two get together, magic is made, so this new mixtape should be piffery just as normal.

“It’s like a tape, really,” Mike said on a recent visit to the XXL offices last week. ”Just something to just feed the streets right quick, ’cause at the end of the day me and Future do so many different types of music.”

“So [2013] I feel like it was more radio-driven and more pop, ’cause we worked on Miley’s album—I executive produced Miley’s album—then we did [Future’s] album, and he just did the Ape Shit,” Mike said about how the project came together. “But me and him got so many songs, so I was like, people love when me and him come together anyway. So people would love a full project of that, you know.”