Artist Spotlight: Fa†e

Fa†e’s been a good friend of the site for a while. We were the first to start covering his music as a budding producer and he’s really progressed as an artist since then. He’s gone on to work with ScienZe, Blu, Emay and many more. I sat down with him talked about what’s coming in the future, his influences and we even talk about how the Knicks would fare as a rap crew.

Firstly, tell the people who Fate is?

I’m a producer from Southern California

How long have you been doing this production thing?

I started in 2010 so about 4 years now.

What got you into making beats?

I was a music enthusiast growing up, got into hip hop in 5th grade. Didn’t have an interest in making beats until I heard Below The Heavens. That whole album and Kanye’s return to music performing Runaway live with his MPC finally got me to start learning. It was so powerful man. I was a fan of Kanye before college Dropout and always looked up to him, that performance is one of my favorites of all time. Super inspiring.

So now in 2014 what’s your studio look like?

I have my MacBook Pro, my Maschine and Logic. And also and MIDI keyboard.

What’s your process like? What usually inspires you to start a beat?

Usually I just sample hunt and build up a ton of sounds that I like and think on them for some time. Usually it starts there, just going through my library of sounds that interest me and seeing which way I want to take it. As far as inspiration goes, it just depends. I’ve heard some sound while grocery shopping that has inspired me or just different events in my life have inspired me. It’s always different.

What’s your favorite genre and era to sample?

I always love sampling soul music and jazz from the 60s and 70s. I love sampling obscure sounds from any time period, just odd noises to manipulate. I’m also a huge fan of sampling female voices from any time period, they’re usually pretty prominent in all my tracks.

Who’s in your top 5 producers of all time?

Oh man, all time… that’s tough. In no order; Kanye, RZA, Exile, Bink & Pete Rock. Those are the most influential to me at least.

Interesting. I love that you mentioned Bink. Devil In A New Dress is incredible.

That’s actually in my top 3 hip hop instrumentals of all time and favorite songs ever made.

That was something that really inspired me to make beats.

What Bink did on that track is just incredible. No words for it really.

What would you say has been your greatest achievement in music so far?

My greatest achievement would be making and releasing an album in stores. I had set a goal early 2013 to make a full length album, make physical copies and get it in stores. By November 2013, that was a reality.

How’d you get Blu on there?

I actually had reached out to him in 2012 for a different project and it fell through, but then I met him after a show in LA and everything happened to just work out. Still have the original song he got on for my buddies in Hawaii, Marris and Doxey, as well. Hopefully that will come out eventually but they’re still sitting on it.

Who’s someone else that you really want to work with but haven’t?

Charles Hamilton. I tried to reach out to him a few times but no luck. He was a huge inspiration for me producing as well. Also would love to work with XV, Mac Miller and Frank Ocean.

You ever heard Charles’ song “Lacey Duvalle”

Oh yeah, when I was a freshman in high school I had like 25 Charles Hamilton mixtapes on my iPod and I’d just put it on shuffle. Pink Lavalamp is still untouched as far as his music goes! Charles if you read this, HIT ME UP!

That’s my favorite Hamilton song

It’s good but Waves (For Alex) is just incredible. If you know the backstory for that song, it makes it a million times better. Highly suggest everyone looks it up. Charles gets a bad wrap nowadays be he’s just a genius. Hope he’s doing well.

I’ll make sure Hamilton stans read this interview.

I’m bummed that All City Chess Club never panned out. Had some of my favorite emcees ever on there. Charles, Blu, J. Cole, Asher and Lupe.

That and Child Rebel Soldier (Kanye, Pharrell, Lupe) were the two great supergroups that unfortunately, never dropped more than a song or two.

Such a shame. All City Chess Club would have made a legendary album. Child Rebel Soldier would be good too but I wasn’t as big a fan of them because it took Kanye away from his solo work haha.

So your next project is called O†ion. Explain what that is.

So O†ion is my indie group with Savannah Moreau. She’s a singer, also from Southern California. We’re dropping an album called Broken Bones very soon.

So how’s your production changed for this project? I assume your not giving her boom bap production like DJ Premier did with Christina Aguilera.

Nope, all new sounds. This project will truly show the range of my production. There’s lots of indie influences, chillwave and ambient themes. There’s even a few trap elements, but all in my own unique way. There’s a song for every type of music fan on there.

That’s what’s up. Anyone else you’re working with right now?

Yes, yes. I got a project I’m really excited about with an artist by the name of Arella Rocket. The single will be dropping soon and it’s called “Cosmophobia.” I’m also working on an EP with Sey from TheDreamers and I’ve got a few beats to my good buddy ScienZe out in Brooklyn who’s one of my favorite emcees.

Dope dope. On a different note, why are the Knicks so bad?

Man don’t talk to me about this. I’m so disappointed already; I didn’t expect big things but they’ve been playing pitifully. It’s definitely rebuilding mode but hopefully they can get competitive soon. Melo’s back is probably hurting from carrying the team all year.

Would you embrace a trade sending Kobe to New York>

I would LOVE it. Mamba in New York would be awesome.

How’d you become a Knicks fan anyway?

Here’s the thing, first and foremost, I’m a Melo fan. That’s been my guy since Syracuse. But at the same time, growing up I was always fascinated by the Garden and the history of it. So I was a fan of whoever Melo was with and also the Knicks. So when he actually went to play for them, it was too good to be true. I still expect him to bring that franchise a championship by 2020.

Who would you think is Melo’s favorite rapper?

Papoose. I mean he did sign him to his record label like five years ago. In all seriousness though I’m guessing it’d be Jay-Z.

Nah, Melo’s favorite rapper has to be Iman Shumpert.

Shump can rap, I could see that. The original KnicksTape

Who’s making the beats?

Probably Pablo Prigioni

Who’s the hotter spitter, Jason Smith or Cole Aldrich?

I can see Aldrich being able to freestyle a little. I’d actually say the new guy Travis Wear could [rap] too. And of course JR Smith. They gotta focus on basketball though! Get the city a few wins.

Word! I’m gonna let you go on that note man

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