malbin’s Top 30 Albums & Mixtapes of 2014

I listen to a lot of music. I listened to nearly 22,000 minutes of music on Spotify this year, and I only use it at work. My Last.Fm numbers are spot on to what I listen to, & those numbers are pretty damn hefty. In 2014, I listened to roughly 156 albums released during the calender year, so making this list of the top 30 albums & mixtapes of 2014 was very tough. Although many people felt 2014 was a down year, I found 2014 to be a great year in both the mainstream world as well as the underground circuit.

As always, I want to make note that this list & any other lists I make are made with a combination of how much I enjoyed the said project, song, etc, & how “good” it is. So there’s no need to get butthurt over anything on this list. If you are interested, here is my top 10 albums of 2013, top 15 mixtapes of 2013, & top 10 EP’s of 2013. This year, I combined both the albums and mixtapes list and added five extra projects, so dig in below.


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