malbin’s Top 30 Albums & Mixtapes of 2014

16. YG – My Krazy Life

my krazy life deluxe

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YG had been on Def Jam‘s shelf collecting dust for years, but after the release of his monstrous street single turned mainstream hit ‘My Nigga’, his debut album My Krazy Life finally got released. Surprisingly, the West Coast rapper was able to make a coherent story-driven album with his long-time friend and producer DJ Mustard. With high-key notation of his blood-affiliation, YG totters through stereotypical mainstream bangers, smooth 90s influenced R&B cuts, and some indefinite & unexpected cuts like the Ty Dolla Sign-produced & Kendrick Lamar-featured ‘Really Be’ and the Metro Boomin-produced ‘1 AM’. Nobody knows if this album is a fluke, or just the beginning of an interesting mainstream career for YG. Either way, sit back and see what happens next, blood.

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15. Tory Lanez – Lost Cause

lost cause


Lost Cause was Tory Lanez second project of the year, and it was one of the best dual-threat projects of the year. After blessing us with his full-R&B mixtape Chix Tape 2 earlier in the year (# 21 on this list), Tory capped off fall with this featureless 12 song project. Weaving through dark production provided by Tory himself along with Play Picasso, Ryan Hemsworth, Noah Breakfast, and others, the project features a distinct sound that you can’t find anywhere else in the music industry. The most important redeeming quality about Lost Cause is that anybody that is a fan of any sub-genre of electronic, hip-hop, or R&B music will enjoy at least one track on this project.