malbin’s Top 30 Albums & Mixtapes of 2014

28. Shawn Chrystopher – Summerlove

Shawn Chrystopher Summerlov


Shawn Chrystopher followed up his 2013 release The Lovestory LP with his 2014 release Summerlove. The ten song mixtape really feels like a warm summer night, fluttering through throwback and futuristic production. While solid throughout and standouts including the tracks ‘Jaded’ & ‘Faithful’, the project leaves you desiring for me, and you’ll need to wait until 2015 to get that quenched.

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27. Cash Out – Let’s Get It

lets get it

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Cash Out had a full-blown career revival in 2014, all lead from his “debut” album Let’s Get It. Lead by his ignorant single ‘She Twerkin’, which was spun 51,440 times on urban radio in 2014 (#31 most played on the format), Cash Out effortlessly pumped out potential hits throughout the 12 song album. ‘Mexico’ – a nearly incoherent song that has Cash Out sounding like an elderly Asian women attempting to construct a rap career, was one of the most interesting & catchy tracks of 2014 that you didn’t listen to. With the title track with Wiz Khalifa & Ty Dolla Sign beginning to pop off on urban radio, the album has potential to have legs throughout 2015. Needless to say, if you ever wanted to get into Cash Out, this album, which feels more like a retail mixtape, is the essential starting point. Give this a spin, or six, you probably won’t regret it in entertainment value.