malbin’s Top 30 Albums & Mixtapes of 2014

26. King Louie – TONY



The God of drill released arguably the most essential project of his career this year with his 15 song effort titled TONY. King Louie kept the whole entire mixtape almost entirely Chicago-contributed, and that might have played a part as to why the quality was so high. Shuffling through his deep drill sound and a pinch of thoughtful tones on the mixtape, Louie supplied his fan base with a plethora of new anthems, and created his city’s anthem ‘Live & Die in Chicago’. If you didn’t hear ‘BON’ at a party this fall, its safe to assume either the party was fufu, or you aren’t from Chicago.

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25. Big KRIT – Cadillactica


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Cadillactica featured a different sound then we’re used to hearing from Big KRIT, as barely any samples were used in the making of this album, and different producers other than KRIT were brought in to produce on the album. While the album featured some of KRIT’s best songs and organic radio efforts to date, the envelope wasn’t pushed far at all. The album seems like it was KRIT’s ‘experimental album’, & if that was the case, KRIT’s career might be on the back-burner in terms of becoming apart of this generation’s rap Mt. Rushmore. Granted, that might not be what KRIT’s goal, but many people believed he would be up there.