Trixx’s Top 25 Hip Hop Albums Of 2014

When I skim through these year end lists, not even reading what the blurbs have to say, I see the same names and same albums. Every year it’s the same and most writers lack the integrity and sight to outside the box a bit. Well, when I assembled this list, I looked at as, “What albums did I enjoy the most this year.” Not what album was the most acclaimed or the best technical album. Shouts to those few popular writers that throughougly love the music they put on their list and have went out and listened to a lot more albums than just the general albums streamed through to them. There’s just so little verisimilitude with writers these days man. I do this for the love, not for a check or even notoriety. With that said, I have a deep appreciation for digging, whether that be digging for samples to make some beats with or digging for some of the best up and coming artists and those guys in the underground grinding. That’s what helped to make my list unique because there’s so much dope hip hop out there, it just needs to be found.

This list is also going to include a couple “Mixtapes” or “Free albums.” As long as it isn’t an EP, it’s an album to me.


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