Trixx’s Top 25 Hip Hop Albums Of 2014

9. QuESt – Searching Sylvan

QuESt Searching Sylvan

QuESt has been a favorite rapper of mine for years. Ever since he was a young mixtape rapper rhyming over the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, Jay Electronica and more, I’ve been a fan. Real name Sylvan, on here, QuESt searches to find himself, metaphorically of course. He really proved himself on this one. He’s always been able to rap but up until now, he hasn’t delivered anything this cohesive and powerful. For real, this project was powerful. It was something I could relate to and the idea of chasing my dreams rather than the dollar is something QuESt pounded into my head on this thing and I couldn’t be more thankful. “Maybe I Should” with it’s somber piano melody is a tearjerker and I absolutely love when music can make me emotional. You’ve got to listen to this thing from start to finish though. It’s not the type of album where you only play a couple of songs, you gotta listen to it from start to finish.

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8. Daye Jack – Hello World

Daye Jack Hello World

Daye Jack is an artist I only got introduced to this year and he really only just started his career here in 2014. This album had quite a few songs that got play from their initial release at the top of the year. “Hello World” is one of my favorite songs of the year and other standouts include, “Lonely Girl”, “Son Of Georgia”, and “To Be A Gangsta”. It’s crazy because Daye Jack is only getting better. It’s scary how good this guy’s going to be.