Trixx’s Top 25 Hip Hop Albums Of 2014

7. Open Mike Eagle – Dark Comedy

Open Mike Eagle Dark Comedy

Open Mike Eagle is such a witty and fun rapper to listen to even though he has a pretty slow flow. He’s a relatable kind of rapper with a solid arsenal of punchlines without being corny. This album has to be his best to date. “Dark Comedy Morning Show” is the best intro track of the year. It’s hypnotizing with its smooth guitar line and the incredible background vocals from Toy Light popping in and out of the track. The song following that “Qualifiers” is incredible too. Mike can really melodize and it’s on display on this track. It’s kind of a sing-rap song but it’s oh so dope if I don’t say so myself. The whole LP is very dope and Mike touches on a multitude of different topics throughout. It makes for a great listen every time.

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6. Sadistik – Ultraviolet


Sadistik went a different route on this record. Normally, Sadistik is a rather emo rapper who lets his pain out in full effect in his music. This record does have that but it’s watered down by some more psychedelic sounds and themes, just as you can see from the album cover. The beats on this things are so large and in charge. Throw some good headphones on and zone out for the next 55 minutes. Then next listen, pay a little more attention and pick up more of what Sadistik’s got to say. Once you realize you love the sounds, you’ll start picking up the meanings.