Trixx’s Top 25 Hip Hop Albums Of 2014

25. Apollo Brown & Ras Kass – Blasphemy

Apollo Brown & Ras Kass

First we have Apollo Brown’s collaboration with veteran emcee Ras Kass. Ras Kass has always been a fierce emcee who’s been praised by so many big names but he just never prospered and many people blame that on his beat selection. Well here, he linked up with Apollo Brown, a proven beatsmith. Apollo definitely ascended Ras Kass to a new level but what drags the album back for me are common problems of both of these guys. Apollo is notorious for being monotonous on the beats and here again, he refers to a few of his same chopping tactics and uses some of the same horn chops he’s had saved in his computer for years that appear on every album of his. Apollo has some gems on here though. “How To Kill God” and “H20” are both masterpieces. Ras Kass’ fatal flaw is that he tries too hard to sound smart. Everything’s a conspiracy to this man and it gets bothersome after some time, especially when you can prove some of things he’s saying wrong. All in all, it’s a good album with a few magnificent tracks, a few decent ones and a few that are more of just filler.

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24. Lil Herb – Welcome To Fazoland

welcome to fazoland

If you told me a year ago that Lil Herb would be on this list I would have called bullshit in a nanosecond. Over the year, as a listener, I’ve become more diverse and definitely more appreciative of the more ignorant side of hip hop but Lil Herb, really isn’t even that. While he’s a part of ‘Chiraq’, he’s the smart guy of the crew that has some analytical skills to really look at what’s going on with some intellect. This kid can rap man. Not much more to it. I just really enjoyed this one.