Trixx’s Top 25 Hip Hop Albums Of 2014

17. King Mez – Long Live The King

King Mez

King Mezatron is unequivocal to me. He’s such a talented spitter, story teller and on this project, songwriter. He does that all with an original southern inflection in his rapping voice. The type that has me reciting some of his lyrics just because he says them in such a cool, interesting way. Parts such as “Aunt Jennifer took me to the hood for first time, I was eight months yellin’ at ’em like “hi killers”” and “Never call my homie’s girl to go redecorate her walls” and so on. His lyrics just stick to the brain like fat sticks to the ribs. This is an album I can bump from start to finish, no skips. I really don’t feel there’s a bad song on here. Some standouts include “Morris”, “Hydroplane” and “You Up.” There’s just something so perfect and fitting about the sample of Radiohead’s “Reckoner” on “You Up”. In foresight, I’d be a bit skeptical but in hindsight, it sure did click like a key to a lock.

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16. The 1978ers – The People Of Today


the1978ers are the duo of yU on the rhymes and Slimkat on beats. They crafted a really dope album, a tale of the modern man, something that’s common on their label Mello Music Group. Ultimately, it’s ended up being an album that’s still getting plenty of spins from me.