Trixx’s Top 25 Hip Hop Albums Of 2014

13. Blu – Good To Be Home

Blu Good To Be Home

Blu’s a favorite for many of hip hoppers and his 2014 release with producer Bombay did not disappoint. My biggest gripe is it still, lack proper recording quality and mastering that it deserved. Blu seems stubborn on keeping his music gritty and low quality but his best album to date is Below The Heavens, one of the few that was mastered properly. But it doesn’t take away too much because it works on some songs, especially “The Return”, one of my favorite beats of the year. It’s a double album and its no different than its preceding double albums, there’s filler. I would trash at least 5 tracks here and condense this album into a much tighter, well packed product. It would definitely make it a better album.

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12. Pell – Floating While Dreaming

Pell 1

Pell is a youngin’ to the hip hop scene. The young New Orleans raised artist is a burgeoning star in my mind and this album was the beginning of that apex he’s climbing up. I’ve watched him grow throughout the year and he’s steadily picked up more and more steam, getting featured by numerous big name publications and outlets. He’s a name to watch out for in 2015 and the proof is in the music, not the pudding. Specifically, the proof is in this album that he has the crossover ability to rap and write great songs. He even sings many of his own hooks and while he’s not a great singer, he’s great at writing hooks for himself. He just knows how to make songs.