Trixx’s Top 25 Hip Hop Albums Of 2014

11. RATKING – So It Goes


This is an album that dropped for me a little bit since it’s initial release. It’s the type of album to be a grower if you weren’t already a fan of RATKING but I was already a fan and already accustomed to the likes of Wiki, Hak and Sporting Life. The MVP of this album though is easily the producer Sporting Life. The production is the perfect mix of New York grime but it still bangs out of the speakers so smoothly. It’s got the bounce it needs. Young Guru mixed and mastered the album and he was big in making this album so good. Compared to past releases, I wasn’t overly impressed by the raps. Wiki was good but I felt he could’ve done better. Hak I’ve never been a big fan of, I always felt Wiki would be better by himself by Hak stepped up a bit. I liked their back and forth performance of most songs. My biggest annoyance with this album is that it had one TERRIBLE song. “Puerto Rican Judo” was downright trash. Get that thing as far away from this album as possible. I have it unchecked from my iTunes. I should just delete it.

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10. PRhyme – PRhyme


PRhyme is a rap album for people that like rap. It’s raps on top of raps. What I mean is that there’s no real substance to the album. No real themes or topics, Royce is just straight spitting. He’s doing it very well but in the end, it’s not higher on the list because it gets a little dry after a good amount of listens. DJ Premier chopped up Adrian Younge’s catalog to make this album. It really shifted Preem’s sound away from his normal boom bap. It’s got more soul and I really enjoyed it. I was excited to see Jay Electronica contribute to the album and this album gave some guidance into where he’s been at. He’s clearly a thousand leads under the sea cause that’s exactly where it sounds like this song was recorded. It’s a great album I just wish it had a little more substance.