Juggaknots – Baby Pictures (Snippets)

Juggaknots are one of my favorite acts of all time, period. Clear Blue Skies is a cult classic for rap fans and for me, it’s one of my favorite albums of all time. I remember someone putting me on to them on a sports forum a long while back. I was probably 15 at the time, that was when I was really starting to get into hip hop a lot. Breeze Brewin’s verse on “Trouble Man” is just out of this world. I can spit that shit from front to back with ease.

Sorry for getting so personal. Now, onto the topic at hand. Chopped Herring Records has put together an EP of unreleased material. Below is a better explanation of the project along with the snippets. If you want to purchase the record, head here.

Herring is extremely proud to present this EP of unreleased, unleaked material from cult indie group Juggaknots. Cats will be aware of the Fondle ‘Em Records material as well as some of the S&B demo tracks, but with the kind assistance of Matic Ent. we have, over the past 9 months, been going back through the archives to find the very earliest recordings of this extremely popular NYC outfit. Some tracks were taken from reels, some from DAT and some from cassette to make this, the earliest anthology of the group’s work. A more in depth analysis of the project and interview will follow shortly. ENJOY!!!!!