Sage The Gemini Hints at Being Signed to Taylor Gang Records

Sage The Gemini had a huge 2014 after his two hit singles ‘Red Nose’ & ‘Gas Pedal’ took over the radio. Sage then dropped his debut album Remember Me & also performed on Wiz Khalifa‘s Under The Influence of Music Tour. While there has been little to no music released since the release of his debut album, Sage let us know last night that music is on the way. Another interesting development is that in his Instagram & Twitter bios, he has “TGOD” in them. Also, in his new post letting us know about new music last night, he hashtagged #TGOD. Is Sage signed with Taylor Gang Records? We aren’t certain at this point, but it would make sense. I’m a believer of Sage, but I’m not sure if he could pump out a long career without affiliating himself with a big group like Taylor Gang or hoping that himself & IamSu can boost the HBK Gang into a mainstream group. Either way, I’m expecting a few bangers from Sage this summer.

Ppl think I'm out here just lol ligation new music comin soon THIS OUR YEAR #TGOD #HBK

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