Jabbar – Like That (Ft. Snubnose Frankenstein)

On Valentine’s Day, fellow Atliens Jabbar and Snubnose Frank of Lousy Human Bastards! gifted the streets with Like That. The song expresses Jabbar and Snub’s recognition of a girl and her beauty, but make sure the girl knows that she did not have to play the games she plays.
It’s not hard at all to relate to Like That, everyone has been through this, male/female alike.
Jabbar does a good job of setting the scene and topic while the wordplay that goes on in Snubnose’s verse is where the lyrical value of the song goes up.
Snubnose was up to par with his usual verses, and if you’ve never heard a Snubnose track, then you’re lost. But anyways, SenseiATL provides the sounds with shining, yet low-key production. Nonetheless this is a dope track. Go check out Like That below.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/192007264″]

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