L’Orange & Jeremiah Jae – Taken By The Night

L’Orange first album with one emcee was awesome, one of my favorite albums of 2013. I even have it on wax. I’m of course referring to The City Under The City with Stik Figa. Now, L’Orange has a new project he did with Jeremiah Jae for us to enjoy. Jeremiah’s slow, laid back flow really fits well with L’Orange’s real nostalgic sound. The sinister duo will officially step out from the underworld to release their new album The Night Took Us In Like Family on April 21. Peep the tracklist down below as well.

1. Part One: Introduction to a Conspicuous Man
2. Do My Best To Carry On
3. Ice Obsidian
4. Underworld
5. All I Need f. Gift Of Gab
6. Part Two: God Complex
7. The Concrete Some Call Home
8. Ignore The Man To Your Right f. Homeboy Sandman
9. Taken By The Night
10. Part Three: The Damning
11. The Lineup
12. Kicking Glass
13. Kind Of Like Life
14. Part Four: Revenge & Escape
15. I Was Invisible Nothing
16. Death Valley
17. Starry Eyed Balcony Walkers
18. Part Five: Macabre