A Sit Down With Killer Mike – Part V

In the fifth and final part of me and Killer Mike conversation we discuss Pill and the situation surrounding him & Mike’s love for his wife.  If you missed part one where we discussed the black community, HBCU’s, and other social matters click here. If you missed part two where we discussed the formation and success of Run The Jewels and his respect and relation with Scarface click here. If you missed part three where we discussed his split from Outkast and the importance and significance of Pledge 2 click here. If you missed part four where we discussed his presence and relationship with radio, the status of Grind Time Official and exactly what is his current relationship with Pill click here. Without further ado here’s part five of our conversation.

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We remember Pill showing up on the first Pledge, then the second one, then the run of solo tapes and then he signed with MMG, disappeared, popped up, then disappeared and last I checked we haven’t seen or heard from him since.

Yea I don’t know if you’ve seen this new thing going around with Hennessy and Noisey. It’s called the Rap Monument. Yea Pill is on that and drops a dope ass verse. He’s been in recording and I would expect 2015`for you to see a lot more Pill. Cause what I’ve heard from him is incredible.

You made mention of the project with you, Big, & Pill. I remember that being a big thing and then you and Big just went silent on that whole thing when Pill disappeared again.

It wasn’t that we went silent on Pill. It was more of letting your little brother figure out what he’s doing. When he didn’t have the experience with MMG he wanted he came out of that a little confused. He’s figuring and figured it out and I’m proud of him. Because I understand what that loneliness feels like and I’ve been there. I understand what the confusion feels like. At that time we were still communicating. It was just more of me and Big telling him to step it up and get it done instead of sulking. Lot of times you’ll make a mistake and spend so much time asking why didn’t it work that you won’t take the experience and learn from it. Pill is definitely on his let me try it this way phase. Pill can definitely rap his ass off. The world has not seen last of Pill believe that.

I remember at one point we were calling Pill the next T.I.. He had that sound and feel that Tip had when he first hit.

Yea absolutely, he brought you to the trap. All these Atlanta videos that have come post Pill that are shot in the trap that’s directly out of Derek and Pill. That’s directly out of their vision, Derek and Pill. I’m proud of what they did. Shout white boy D.

If I’m not mistaken Pill brought us the phrase “Trap Goin Ham”. That came out his mouth first right?


Just from the outside looking in we see Pill going through those issues and y’all went silent and it’s like “Whelp, guess they don’t fuck with him anymore. We can dead all of hope of that project.” You see how it can be perceived from a fan’s view?

No, I definitely see how it comes from a fan’s perspective. I just need people to understand in relation to Jones & Pill…Have you seen my freestyle for that Noisey shit?

I haven’t. I’ve been avoiding it and just waiting on them to drop the whole thing.

Google it and pull up my freestyle. Probably the little third edit or cut the people you see in frame are SL Jones, Killer Mike, & Pill. That’s not gonna stop. Through my career that’s not gonna stop. Not my little brothers, not my sons, not my little homies. Those are my brothers. Those are my comrades. A lot of times we were silent on Pill and you thought we weren’t fucking with him. It was less about that, I didn’t like the fact that Pill was in the dark space I was in. So publicly it wasn’t about “Oh we gonna do this.” It was about me supporting him through that dark place. This is not about diss records, this is not about crazy talk. This is about Pill. Not how a record company or rapper has failed you. This is about readjusting. Who’s better to tell him that than Big Boi. I had to readjust post Purple Ribbon. Big Boi had to readjust post Outkast. When Pill comes back and knocks the world on it’s head you’ll see that the lessons were learned and learned well.

I remember Pill was the only one on the first Self Made with a solo song and he acted an ass on that tape and then nothing came from it.

Yea man he did. He can rap. Something did come from it. The experience. We gotta value the experience. Meek Mill was at Grand Hustle. Unfortunately, Tip had to go do some more time. He cheers for Meek all the way. Meek still as much Grand Hustle now as he was. When we see Meek it’s all love. If your friend loves you as much as they say they do then they just wanna see you do well. One of the most beautiful things I saw post Pill/MMG was Ross simply say “It didn’t work out but I want to see him do good.” All of us have been there. There was time when Ross couldn’t get his out like he wanted to. All of us know that and understand that. It’s about us accepting and understanding our responsibility. If you break your leg you gotta sit there and let your leg heal but you can’t say you’re not gonna run again. You gotta be willing to do it and that’s what our man is doing. Again I tell people y’all hear this next evolution of Pill you’ll be thoroughly impressed.

You mention Grand Hustle. Are you still Grand Hustle/Hustle Gang?

Yea I’m still Hustle Gang. I just haven’t been able to make a got damn cd because I’ve been on tour. I’m talking to my brothers daily. Doing shit, hanging out when I get home. I’m such a big fan of Spodee. Such a big fan. If you could grab T.I. and Dro and put them in one person it would be Spodee. I really think he’s a star and people should get behind him and support him.

I remember asking you on twitter when the first G.D.O.D. tape was about to drop if we were getting a Killer Mike verse and you responded if I can find a damn studio on while I’m on the road.

I just been on the road bruh. El and I have been doing 200 something dates a year.

From a fan perspective we remember Pl3dge and you and T.I. saying Grand Hustle/Hustle Gang/Grind Time and we get the Hustle Gang tapes and there’s no Killer Mike.

It’s coming. It’s coming. You know Tip was on R.A.P. Music.

Yea and it may be his best technical verse ever.

Man Tip raw. He just went in. I be like “Why when we get on songs you gotta turn up like this.” I love it tho man. I said it to him and he was like “Shit I’m rapping with you.” Me, him and Bun man those some of my favorite recordings. It just bring out the best in me and I feel like it brings out the best in all of us.

Did you ever get a chance to do anything with Doe? Cause I’m from a small ass town in Alabama.

I didn’t get a chance to rock with Doe but I did get a chance to kick it with him. My family is out of Tuskegee. I have a very very sincere interest in seeing Alabama make it’s place on the southern hip hop scene. I’m gonna do something with G-Side. We were gonna do something in the past but they kinda took a sabbatical. I owe them so I’m gonna do some shit with them. Back to Doe, yea I didn’t get a chance to do anything with him but I had a few conversations with him and was impressed by him.

The “Let Me Find Out (Remix)” every time I hear it I think we can just stick a Killer Mike verse right here.

I might just do that one day for the fun. It’s a shame what happened to him. A pure shame.

I really feel like he had potential to actually give us another star out of Alabama on the national scale cause all we have is Yela and Rich Boy. M16 is the biggest producer out of our state and people call him an Atlanta cat.

Absolutely. Yela’s out here marching too. Y’all also got Shawty Fatt. He was originally Slumerican. Shawty is amazing.

He was on Yela’s album, the joint with Mystikal.

Yes bruh he’s amazing. LIke that fat black mother fucker can rap. Do you hear me? He can rap his ass off. That’s just as a fan. If you haven’t gotten into him and you’re from Alabama go google him and get behind him cause he is the shit. Y’all also got G-Side. G-Side to me is the coolest thing ever since the first evolution of Outkast. Alabama deserves it’s place nationally. Rich Boy is dope as fuck. I know he was working on a project with Koch.

Yea he dropped Break The Pot with Koch.

Yea I ran into him in New Jersey in my man’s studio. Technically he’s far superior to a lot of rap that gets credit for being dope. He still got that thick ass country accent ain’t nothing like being dope while still having that country accent. Since the migration from Alabama to Atlanta, you gotta keep pushing. I know it sounds simple but you gotta keep pushing.

Back to your wife for a second if you don’t mind. You made a quote somewhere it may have been on one of the Pledges or in an interview somewhere that she’s the “Bun to your Pimp.”

No no I’m the Bun to her Pimp. She’s crazy. I married a girl from the projects of Savannah. She is crazy. I’m Bun. I’m more level headed. She don’t play that shit.

Me and my wife get up in the morning and we have a very traditional relationship in that it’s balanced. I don’t know what equal means. I come from a black community. The Black community is a matriachal community. My community is ran by women. The power base starts from the matrimonial side. My wife runs the business. I make the money and I bring the money home. We are very traditional in our home in that I don’t cook. I grill. So you know if it’s outside in the summer time I’ll grill. I don’t cook a got damn thing in the house. That ain’t my part of the deal you know what I’m saying. My part of the deal is I’m gonna go get this money. We get up the in morning, my wife cooks breakfast. We listen to gospel, soul.

After that when it’s time to hit the streets she pulls up her ipod and for the next hour or two we listening to Bun and Pimp or Ball and G. Straight rapping that shit. When we in there she is straight rapping Pimp and MJG parts. Nothing is more entertaining than seeing a woman who’s as beautiful as a model, fine as a bikini model running around singing “Pimps” or “Murder”. I love her. I lover her spirit, her mind, her body, her soul. Shay is an incredible human being.

Just listening to you explain that it makes more sense of how you mention her in records.

Yea I love her. I done fucked around. Did all the dumb shit with women. Damn near lost a marriage. I done did all the dumb shit a man can do. I realize every day that I would lost the greatest treasure that the creator has ever given me had I lost that woman.

To wrap things up, 

Killer Mike is trapped on an island you can bring three things with you. Weed and a way to get off the island are not allowed. What are you bringing?

Aw man okay. A world phone so that I can call someone to bring me some weed and to get off the island. My wife and a long rifle. Cause I’m gonna eat so something has to die. My wife so I’m not talking to a got damn Spalding ball like Tom Hanks in that movie. A world phone so when me and my wife are tired of eating the fruits and what not we can call someone to come get us off the island.

I just wanna say thanks for the time and I’m glad that we could do this and hopefully clear up some questions that fans may have had about you or those close to you.

I’m glad we could finally get to do this man.


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This concludes me and Mike’s epic conversation about life and music. Hopefully you all have enjoyed it. Make sure to pick up Run The Jewels 2 if you haven’t yet and go look up their tour dates to see if you can catch them in your area.

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