Songs I Downloaded From The Library: Volume 1

Last week, I discovered a service named Freegal Music. The service is a free service offered through libraries across the United States that offers users the opportunity to download five songs a week from their database of over 8 million songs. Then an idea sparked into my mind, and now we have my new series ‘Songs I Downloaded From The Library.’ For week one, the nostalgia is going to be very real. I mean, there is a reason that this will be airing every Thursday.

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Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz – Nothins Free (feat. Oobie)

‘Nothins Free’ is one of the most essential tracks in Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz discography. The track samples Janet Jackson’s ‘Lets Wait Awhile’, which makes the song that much better. The song was never officially promoted as a single, but it did some decent damage on R&B chart in 2002, peaking at #61. Its a shame that Oobie was never able to put out an album or an EP for that matter, but we will forever be in debt to her for this classic track.

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Mariah Carey – Thank God I Found You (feat. Joe & 98 Degrees)

‘Thank God I Found You’ was Mariah Carey‘s 15th #1 hit from her seventh album Rainbow. There’s no denying this track (or any of Mariah’s other #1 records): this is a grocery store classic. A ten fold record. Whatever you want to call it. This track will never go away & honestly this is an essential for every single human being’s music collection. If this isn’t played at your wedding, the chances of you getting divorced doubles. And that’s a fact.

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Future – Motion Picture

Future‘s ‘Motion Picture’ was one of his premier tracks from the Pluto era, and many people slept on this joint. The track lived on the Think Like A Man soundtrack, & there’s no need to not listen to this track. Also, I found this fan-made music video above that makes the song 100x better. Just tack this onto Pluto as a bonus track.

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Cam’ron – Do It Again (feat. Destiny’s Child & Jim Jones)

‘Do It Again’ was featured on Cam’Ron‘s S.D.E. album, released in September of 2000. The Destiny’s Child & Jim Jones featured track features some uplifting keys and Cam asks if you’d do your life over again. Would you? Reminisce with Killa with this slept on track from his discography.

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ODB – Got Your Money (feat. Kelis)

Everybody knows this song. Your mom knows this song. Your grandma probably knows this song. Arguably ODB’s most popular song, ‘Got Your Money’ is really one of the better collaborations between a male hip-hop artist and a female singer in the past 20 years. Want to send a big thank to Pharrell and Chad Hugo for this beat.

This wraps up volume one. Hit the comments section below if you have any words on these five songs.

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