Songs I Downloaded From The Library: Volume 2

*I discovered a service named Freegal Music. The service is a free service offered through libraries across the United States that offers users the opportunity to download five songs a week from their database of over 8 million songs. Then an idea sparked into my mind, and now we have my new series ‘Songs I Downloaded From The Library.’*

After week one’s blessing consisting of a reminder of Oobie‘s existence, a 98 Degrees feature, & an under-looked Future track, here we are with volume two of our new series ‘Songs I Downloaded From The Library’. This week went into more of an R&B focus, surfacing some undervalued soundtrack exclusives, two smooth album cuts, and a number one single. Needless to say, you aren’t ready for this one. Lets get it.


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B2k & P-Diddy – Bump, Bump, Bump

Lets just start this off like this: if you don’t know this song, you really gotta sit back and check yourself. B2k, The Boys of the New Millennium, consisted of the young man Omarion along with Lil’ Fizz (the same one that said “It’s hard tryna be F-I double Z, I’m the Jay Z of my generation” on a Jhene Aiko track from 2002), J-Boog, and Raz-B. This is the group that catapulted O into a successful career (and allowed him to get on stage and dance like this nearly a decade after this group’s last album):

omarion dancing

The track was the group’s first (and only) top ten hit, and eventually hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in February of 2003. The single was written, produced, and arranged by R. Kelly, so if the lineup already wasn’t too much for you to mentally take in, there’s that. Plus, Diddy was going by P Diddy at this time, gravitating a classic verse from his brain (or his Red Cafe ghostwriter of the time). Either way, there shall never be any slander towards ‘Bump Bump Bump’ ever. Everybody delivered.

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Jamie Foxx – Winner (feat. T.I. & Justin Timberlake)

While Jamie Foxx is currently prepping for a comeback & planning to release his new album Hollywood, lets revisit his last album Best Night Of My Life from 2010. ‘Winner’ was a pretty big song but in retrospect, the track definitely doesn’t get the respect it deserves. If you were to make a playlist of R&B/Hip-Hop crossover collaborations from 2008-2012, it’d be pretty confusing if this joint wasn’t on here. Justin Timberlake & Jamie Foxx take turns churning out vocals over the track that features processed drums, overly epic synths, and a hook that helped it become the theme song for the 2010 NBA Playoffs. The song dropped after TI was released from his halfway house in March of 2010, but the man ended up going back to prison later that year. But most importantly (other than the James Fauntleroy writing credit on the song), never forget about how Jamie Foxx said he got Justin Timberlake on this song:

I got him on the track—’cause he wasn’t gonna get on the track—I just literally said, ‘Man, my people suffered for 500 years. You owe me this.’

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Marcus Canty – Won’t Make A Fool Outta You

I might just post one song a week from the Think Like A Man soundtrack for this feature. After giving you ‘Motion Picture’ from lord messiah Future last week, this week I am liberating Marcus Canty‘s ‘Won’t Make A Fool Outta You’. Canty doesn’t have too many songs out, as he only released about ten songs while in his deal with EPIC Records after finishing 4th on X-Factor, but the man has a few gems to his name. Most notably is this Trey Songz written joint. You can literally hear Trey’s voice singing this song while Canty is singing, but that doesn’t make it any less fire.

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John Legend – Someday

John Legend songs should be preserved & cherished as much as the US Constitution. I don’t know if I have ever heard a bad song from Mr. Legend, and this track ‘Someday’ is no different. The loose single lived on the soundtrack for a movie named August Rush, and lets be honest, this track is as good as any song the man has created. A young John Legend delivered a booming vocal performance over a sophisticated piano & string arrangement that sounds like heaven. This is a beautiful song, but it can also be added to your #sadboyz playlist as the same time. If anybody thinks there is anything wrong with this song… just keep your comments to yourself.

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T-Pain – Keep Going

Look – I’m a big T-Pain fan. The man has hits on hits on hits on hits on… you get the point. But I haven’t heard a song from Teddy Pain better than ‘Keep Going.’ This song clocks in at 2:14 and was a short interlude on his 2008 release Thr33 Rings. If you thought T-Pain isn’t talented or can’t sing without autotune, play this song once and then realize how stupid you were, then proceed to play the song multiple songs throughout the rest of your lifetime when you’re about to give it all up. Keep going fam.

This wraps up volume two. Hit the comments section below if you have any words on these five songs.

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