NYLO – I Use

New music from Nylo is needed more often than she releases it, and thankfully today she’s back with a new single titled ‘I Use’. Apparently the song was supposed to have a bigger form with a proper string sessions & another producer, but she lost the session and figured the song was a lost cause. She decided to share the song as is, and we’re really happy she did. Listen to the song below.

EDIT: The note has been updated below, as the singer has re-released the song.

Love is simple, but life is complicated… and everything I hoped I could do to keep you, were the very things that ended up pushing you away. It seems love and fear are derivatives of the same emotion; sometimes the two become distorted along the way and its hard to tell the difference anymore.

I recorded this song in my bedroom between the hours of 2am and 7am and held onto the session hoping I would be able to at some point hire a proper string section and producer to help me bring it to life. A couple months ago, I lost the only copy of the session when a hard drive of mine died… in my mind the song was lost forever because I knew it would never be the same and I took that as a sign that it wasn’t supposed to be shared…. but maybe instead it was just a sign I was supposed to leave it alone and share it as is. So… yea. May it be used.

__________________that was written a month ago___________________

The day after I put it out, one of my favorite producers (Boy Genius) sent me this little 10second clip, of what appeared to be this song with drums!? I was instantly struck and then tormented by the sparse arrival of more little 10 second clips of different sections of the song over the next couple days, finally about a week later, I got a finished version in my inbox. I took the previous version down and now I get to share it all over again, so here it is! A session still does not exist, but it feels complete, I wasn’t expecting this and Im super happy. Thank you infinitely to Boy Genius for helping me finish this song.