IFPI Reveals Global Release Date to Become Friday

The information of this change leaked earlier this year, but today it was finally confirmed by the IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) that Friday would become the global standard for music releases on July 10. Previously, many countries had different release dates that led to a massive amount of leaks, and this new global release date will help prevent leaks and also means that on Friday’s people can get their new music right before the weekend starts. At 12:01 in over 45 music markets, music will now be released. Some Asian territories will stick to their current dates, but I have a hard time seeing them not conforming to Friday at a certain point. Below are some statements from the IFPI via Billboard:

“The move will mean fans can now get new music on the same day worldwide rather than having to wait for their own national release day. It puts an end to fans being unable to access music in their own country when it is legally available elsewhere, and the frustration that can cause.”

“This was done primarily for the consumer. Consumers were telling us via different pieces of research done across many countries that Fridays and Saturdays was when they wanted new music and that’s what has led this campaign. We’re hoping that with more consumers in stores on Fridays and Saturdays, which stores tell us leads to increase impulse buying, and with peak activity on most social media [typically taking place over the weekend], will all lead to an increase in sales.”
– IFPI CEO Frances Moore