Digital Downloads Down 10% While Streaming Continues to Boom in 2015

Nielsen released their 2015 mid-year charts of the music industry this week, and there were some interesting outtakes from the report. As every living human can conclude, streaming is absolutely booming. On-demand audio-only music streaming is up 74.2% to 58.6 billion in the first half of the year, while music video streaming is up 109.2% to 76.6 billion views.

As you can see on the chart below, digital track downloads were down 10% to 531.6 million. At this current rate, digital track downloads will reach its lowest mark since 2008. Digital album downloads were only down .1% to 53.7 million. CD sales are down to 56.6, a 10% decrease while vinyl is up 38.4% to 5.6 million, making up 10% of all physical sales. All in all, total album sales are down 4% 116.1 million.

It is nice to see streaming up so much, but the industry has to find a way to turn the streaming numbers into a greater profit.

digital downloads halfway 2015

Chart from DMN.