OG Maco Says Future “Has Ruined Countless Lives By Making It Cool To Be A Drug Addict”

Whether you enjoy OG Maco‘s music or not, you have to appreciate that the man speaks his mind and doesn’t tip toe around his words to not make “harsh” but honestly true statements. Maco took it to Twitter to talk about music consumers and his sector of the music industry. In the middle of his recent tweets, Maco says: “I love Future but I also understand Future has destroyed countless lives by making it cool to be a drug addict. 56 Xans isn’t cool.”

If you were to read that tweet out of context, you might be butthurt because Maco is dissing Future. But if you read it in context, you’ll understand that Maco is proving a point about music consumers and uses Future and even his own hit single ‘U Guessed It’ as examples. People are accepting the “lowest common denominator”, and it is allowing people that probably shouldn’t have a voice, have a voice. A grand majority of people that listen to Future are probably taking his lyrics TOO literal… lean, xans.. WOO! But if you really listen, he is struggling with the amount and reason why he is consuming the drugs.

With ‘U Guessed It’, Maco essentially just made a song that fit into the realm of the current urban music landscape, and the song did exactly what he needed it to do. Now, he’s got a deal with Motown Records and is prepping to drop his debut album Children Of The Rage (possibly in 90 days). On the record, he plans to use his voice for good, not to make radio records like ‘U Guessed It’. I wouldn’t be mad if we got another one of those, though.