Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Madlib & Hemlock Ernst – Trouble Knows Me

So remember when I told you Madlib had something up his sleeve? Well this is what I was talking about and the emcee has caught everybody and their moms off guard. His rap name’s Hemlock Ernst and if you google him, you’ll soon find out that his government name is Samuel Herring and he happens to be the lead singer of the popular indie rock band Future Islands.

Along with that google search you just did, you can find Samuel Herring becoming Hemlock Ernst at live shows, spitting some raps for those rock fans. He’s even popped up on a Scallops Hotel (milo) track earlier this year. It’s an odd combination but this new one proves that the man is a pretty good rapper. He’s got a pretty good, unique flow and it works here. This is on their EP of the same name that officially drops September 1.


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