Dej Loaf – #AndSeeThatsTheThing (EP Stream)

Dej Loaf‘s career has been on a steady trend upward, and today she releases her debut retail project with her #AndSeeThatsTheThing EP. Sitting at six songs, the EP shows off a softer side of Dej than most people probably think there is. Stream the EP below & read her comments about the song as well.

Desire (prod. IzzeThaProducer)
A song I whipped up in the studio in such short time. A song where I had a lot on my mind/chest and wanted to get it off. So much to say! Sat in the studio with @IzzeTheProducer as played beats.. And picked this one to be cued up. And went in to express myself. “I can’t hold back, I gotta live life, go and get everything that I desire.” Meaning to me no matter I’m going to get it and I won’t be stopped!

Been On My Grind (prod. Go Grizz & Smash David)
Another song where I expressed how hard I’ve been grinding since everything has blown up for me. Staying focus, And not taking any of this for granted. Also talked about removing things from my situation to position myself correctly.

Hey There (feat. Future) (prod. iRocksays, J. Vaughn & A Team)
A Nice, sexy, soft melodized song. Song was inspired from experience. I detailed things that may happen in ones relationship when making love! I thought @Future himself would be a dope add to the song.

We Winnin’ (prod. Izze the Producer)
A song where I express how I plan to be in this forever. No matter how much hate, slack I get from the non believers. I’m great. I’m Winnin. Relax and watch me work!

Butterflies (prod. DDS)
I wrote this song about a special person/situation I’d experienced. A Mysterious love triangle, I’d like to call it. We both connected on a level no one else would understand. And fell for one another. “Butterflies” was what I would get whenever I was around that person so that’s what I decided to call it.

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