Future’s ‘DS2’ Streamed 14+ Million on Spotify, 11+ Million on Apple Music in 1st Week

Future‘s DS2 had a tremendous first week, as it debuted #1 on the charts and nearly tripled his previous album’s album sales in the first week. According to industry reports, DS2 had a tremendous week of streaming. On Spotify, the album was streamed over 14 million times in a week, while on Apple Music the album was streamed over 11 million times. The number on Apple Music is pretty outstanding, considering Apple’s streaming service launched one month ago and *only* has 10 million subscribers. Keep in mind, the Apple Music numbers do not count towards the streams plus sales count by Billboard.

All in all, the album was streamed over 24 million times on those two services alone, and his YouTube Music Key page shows the album at nearly 11 million streams, boosting him to 35 million streams in a week just based off three services and not including any illegal/untraceable streams. That’s a power move right there.