Wasiu – MTLiens (EP Stream)

As promised, after plenty of hype, mostly in the form of singles, the Montreal native has let loose MTLiens. No one can explain the 24-minute extended play better than Wasiu himself so tune your minds to those words below. And shouts to Row Digga on the sick artwork here.

MTLiens is just a 24 minute EP and can’t paint a complete picture like ATLiens did. So instead, MTLiens is a tiny introduction, and overview of Montreal- a foreign city. Instead of the southern hospitality approach that Outkast took with ATLiens, inviting the listeners to their world- MTLiens starts off with an aggressive approach, in a form of an invasion into the hip hop world, sparing no prisoners. We’re not here to ask you to listen to us, we’re not here to show you our world- No. We’ve been observing the Hip Hop World from the Top of the Globe for a long period of time, studying our subjects. Now we’re invading, forcing the world to tune into us. We’re out here taking everything.

While we’re kidnapping and wreaking havoc into the hip hop world, and have them captive as prisoners, we teach them that up north here in Canada, it’s more than just Toronto. We’re Montréal- Don’t ask me if I know Drake, he’s from a city 6 hours West of Montréal. How the fuck am I supposed to know Drake? We’re asking for our own distinct identity, as if being the only French city in The Americas (North & South) wasn’t unique enough.

Once those things are clear, I paint the rest of the EP as a glimpse of MTL, by telling a story of a character and how 1 of his days and nights go. This is just a tiny sample of 1 Montrealer’s experience in a 24-hour span. I end off the EP by blasting off, and will come back for a larger, more in-depth story down the line.

I hope the MTLiens series does for MTL what Outkast did for ATL with ATLiens. ATLiens put Atlanta and the South on the map. Shortly after that, a whole wave of Southern rap was popping. T.I., Bonecrusher, Lil Flip, Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz, Lil Scrappy & Trillville, Ying Yang Twins, UGK, & etc. ATLiens sparked off the movement. And now, The South runs hip hop… Just to think nobody wanted to hear anything from them during the 1st 2 golden ages in hip hop. ATLiens made The South a part of the conversation in hip-hop. The MTLiens series needs to bring attention to Montreal so that MTL can be a part of the convo too. The world needs to recognize Montreal.

There’s many Montréal artists popping, but writers, and the hip hop world, fail to realize we have a scene here. Those living here know the scene, those outside don’t.

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