Danny Seth – Darling Danny

The song that really made me a fan when he performed it for Intuition on KindaNeat has finally been released in its final, CDQ, studio form. I’m not a huge fan of the higher vocal tone he uses here but it’s all apart of the different characters. Different tone for the different verse. Read Danny’s description of the song below and get ready for the British takeover with Perception on September 18.

After trying to contact my stepmother for 6 months, after finding out that her and my father had got a divorce (and my dad moved to Spain), I tried to contact her endless times. This included 5 letters. One luckily reached her, and what follows is the actual story of the letters back and forth from her. This was the last time we have spoken to this date. The letters you read, are the exact letters that she wrote to me. Even though this is personal to me, I want people to know, this is a true story and i miss her everyday. Thank you for inspiring me Susan.

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