Target Informs Labels It Will Not Support Any Black Friday Album Releases

Target is a favorite spot for a lot of people, but for music consumers & labels, they won’t be your favorites after hearing this news. The retailer has informed labels that they will not support any new releases on 11/27, which is Black Friday. Apparently, stores are being forbidden from changing their planogram (layouts of their stores) with last minute releases from the corporate offices. This is a huge blow to the music industry, as the huge retailer is one of the last corporate brick & mortar locations in the world to still carry CDs, but apparently music is not in their plans.

This was a huge opportunity for labels to have tremendous first week sales, as this is the first time ever that Black Friday & Cyber Monday would land in the same tracking week. If you notice, a lot of albums are coming out in the weeks prior to Black Friday, and now it is making more sense as to why that is.