Meet ABANDONED MALL ARCADE, Internet Art Exhibitionist From The Future

Duos can be really special. We see this powerful symbol of duality all throughout history . This duality is often described as the very thing that holds the universe in tact. Time and time again we have seen the symbol especially significant in art. And in music, the formation of a duo usually provides us with some of the artists’ best work; the artists fuse their strengths and forge something together that’s truly special. Think of Outkast, Mobb Deep, Daft Punk, Eric B & Rakim, Tears for Fears, etc… Like ABANDONED MALL ARCADE, All of these duos echo honesty, and timelessness

ABANDONED MALL ARCADE is ready to dive into the line of historic duos to help shape both music, and culture. Comprised of 20 year old French-American electronic artist Elias Abid and 21 year old renaissance visionary Jabril Power, the duo has graciously offered Fashionably-Early the opportunity to unearth their first statement as ABANDONED MALL ARCADE:

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“I’m really thankful for this opportunity to share something really special with the world. This EP is a peek into the year 2020. That’s really what this is about; I’m not totally down with some of what’s going on right now in the world…So we created our own reality, our own dimension, our own opportunities….that is truly Abandoned Mall Arcade . It’s a symbol, a feeling, a sneak peek moment into a time that hasn’t quite come yet…it’s scary , it’s challenging, it’s loving, but it’s real. I’m really excited to time travel with everyone…to grow up with everyone.”
Jabril Power

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“AMA is the result of two artists that would have never met if it weren’t for digital interaction. It’s not only a duo and an EP, it’s an online exhibition meant to get you out of your comfort zone. We appreciate the fact that some people aren’t going to understand the message or the sound. If everyone understood all art, there would be no room for discussion…

AMA was a necessary step for me as an artist. I think that once you start getting in a routine, whether it’s creative or just a day-to-day ritual, you start to loose inspiration and motivation to create meaningful art. AMA is 100% me while sounding nothing like what I’ve released in the past. It’s a moment of sporadic vision captured in the present that I couldn’t be more proud of.”- Elias Abid

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Be sure to check back next week for the premiere of the duo’s first official single ‘Vishnu’, which will be accompanied with the song’s music video. Their debut self-titled project will be released on September 29.

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