Apple Music Now Has 15 Million Subscribers

Apple Music‘s trial run is ending on September 30, and today news came out that Apple Music has 15 million subscribers. Not too long ago, news came out that Apple Music had 10 million subscribers in it’s first month.

The report also stated that half of the 15 million subscribers have not turned off their auto-new, meaning come October 1, roughly seven million people will be a paying subscriber. That will be huge, because that means Apple has one third of Spotify’s 20 million paid subscribers already.

“If Apple reports between 30m and 50m trialists by year-end, then we can consider it successful,” music industry analyst Mark Mulligan of MIDiA Research told the New York Post. “More than 5m paying subscribers would be a success. Above 7m would be a strong success.”

Apple Music is ready to take over. If you haven’t used your free trial yet, be sure to link that up.

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