Childish Gambino’s TV Series ‘Atlanta’ Gets Picked Up by FX

You should know that before Childish Gambino became the music artist that he is now, he was a popular actor and comedian under his real name, Donald Glover. He has been doing more work with movies lately, and some big news for Donald’s acting career hit the internet today. His TV series ‘Atlanta’, which was created by Donald himself and will star him as the lead character. The series is based off Donald’s character stumbtling into the music scene after his cousin becomes Atlanta’s hottest artist. The series is set to air in 2016 with a 10 episode pilot run. Hopefully, this will go further than that. Read a comment below from FX, and get ready for this

“Atlanta draws on Donald’s considerable talents as a musician, actor and writer to give us something unique,” FX original programming president Nick Grad said. “The story is made all the more powerful by the great cast and the contributions of Donald’s fellow executive producer Paul Simms and director Hiro Murai. We can’t wait to for the debut of Atlanta next year.”

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