Javon “X” Johnson – The Abyss (FreEP)

Now, Javon “X” Johnson’s an upcoming artist we’ve featured once before, he’s a real talented artist and this is his new project. I’m going to let him take the privilege of giving this EP a backstory because what he has to say is moving.

I Thought about killing myself after releasing this EP today October 31, 2015.. This is all seriousness.

I’ve attempted to end my life about 15-20 times this year alone. Alot has happened but music is my therapy.

I guess I’m stalling to make sure that the screwed up men/women/children like myself that have these thoughts, receive this overall experience in the purest way. I wrote and recorded all of the songs in one day on pills, gin, and mushrooms. The split I’ve gone through has shown me the unthinkable.

Mentally it’s a stand-off.. We whisper to death silently, hoping we get an answer.. then BOOM. All because we didn’t get an answer. Strange how it works right???

Someone, somewhere, loves you… I love you

Let’s promise each other “ok”?

These 5 songs are whatever you make of them, I don’t care about that part anymore. My mind exploded during the writing and recording process. This is my tears, my sanity, my sins, my everything in a way.

Imagine being without sunlight, you’ve already chosen the beats before you’ve locked yourself away from the mic to write endlessly, just different shit, Everything was done on the spot to distract me from what I felt I needed that day in particular.