Future & Zaytoven Have ‘Beast Mode 2 & 3’ Ready to be Relaesed

Earlier this year, we got swing that Beast Mode 2 from Future & Zaytoven was coming, but it looks like the two have more than that ready. In an article with AllHipHop, Zaytoven revealed that when the first Beast Mode mixtape was recorded, the two had the two followups ready. Talk about exciting news. Read his excerpt from the interview below and try to keep calm.

You talked about how you feel Migo’s “Versace” helped put you back on. I think another recent project that helped stamp that Zaytoven sound is Beast Mode with Future. He recently hinted he was going to do a Monster 2. Has there been any talk about doing a Beast Mode 2?

When we did Beast Mode, we had Beast Mode 2 and 3 ready. We did so many good songs that could have been on Beast Mode. So I think it’s all about timing for when it will come out again. It’s definitely going to be needed. The fans definitely want it.

That’s another project that catapulted me again. That’s a work of art. That’s almost like when I used to do Gucci Mane’s whole CD. I think that’s the vision Future had – “I want to do a mixtape, but I want to use only Zaytoven production.” Before that you hadn’t heard me and Future do any music together for maybe 2 – 4 years. Those are just special moments that help me be on fire like I am now.