[UPDATE: Watch Video] Kanye West Wins FNAA “Shoe of the Year” Award for Yeezy Boost

It’s been a long time coming but Kanye seems to have finally won the acclaim from fashion’s elite he’s so openly coveted throughout his career. Today, Kanye West was awarded the FNAA “Shoe of the Year” Award for his ‘Yeezy Boost’ collaboration with adidas Originals. Given the overwhelming popularity & fanfare surrounding the release of each ‘Yeezy Boost’ silhouette and colorway, the FNAA’s selection appears to be a well-deserved honor for the rap icon. And serves as further proof that 2015 was ‘Yeezy Season’ indeed.

Receiving the honor at a ceremony held in NYC Wednesday night, Kanye West was recognized for achieving record sales & cultural impact with the Yeezy Boost 750 & 350 silhouettes. Introduced at the 57th Annual Grammys in February & released strategically throughout the remainder of the year, along with being touted & well received by West’s celebrity cohorts – not the least of which included his über famous family – the 38yr. old rapper outsold every other major shoe release, cementing West’s status as fashion influential and cultural polymath.

During his nearly 20-minute acceptance speech, ‘Ye had the following to say about ‘Yeezy Boost’ & the shoe’s design.

“I want to fucking draw shoes, and it doesn’t matter if someone thinks that I’m supposed to be doing something that’s more important. [Adidas] gave me the opportunity, especially this first run, to make ’em however I want to make ’em.”

Kanye also expressed gratitude for several pivotal moments in his fashion career that led up to his collaboration with adidas Originals.

“Me and Giuseppe Zanotti have been really good friends and he was very crucial to my creative process. Also Louis Vuitton that allowed me to do that one collaboration. And the company that I won’t mention, that I’ve been very angry with in the past, they were very helpful too to launch the name Yeezy as a shoe.”

[UPDATE: Video of Kanye’s FNAA “Shoe of the Year” Award acceptance speech has now surfaced and is available to watch down below.]

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