Saturday, December 4, 2021

Soundcloud Diggin’ Ep. 6 12/6/15

Soundcloud Diggin’ took a bit of a break with me having a lot going on as well as finals. We’re always out here digging and with this latest edition of Soundcloud Diggin’ i’ve gotten more help than ever from my Fashionably Early peers to fill out this latest episode.

First up is Maurice Moore, an RnB singer with a voice that reminds me of Chris Brown but what really makes his music stand out is the beats. He works with producers like BNJMN, Krs and other new wave, bass heavy, Soulection-esque producers and it gives his music so much more depth than these other singers with great voices. He’s not doing what most of these other R&B singers are doing and that’s what makes Maurice really stand apart. He’s an incredible talent so be sure to keep an eye on him, if you know what’s best for ya.

– Trixx [@mauricexiii]

Here’s a rapper repping North Virginia with a smoother flow than a baby’s bottom. On this one he rhymes over a real slick loop with the ease of Muhammad Ali floating around the boxing ring. Grammar also will be dropping a new mixtape also titled Grammar tomorrow. Stay tuned to our site to see when that drops.

– Trixx [@Trixx]

Bizz-E Blaze just released his Bizz-Are project, and this track ‘Come Around’ was my favorite track from the project. The project has an aggressive feel to it, but this track has the perfect mixture of back and forth spurts of mellowness & aggression. Peeking at the rest of his Soundcloud, I feel like Bizz-E is at his best when he’s on calmer production, and hopefully I will find more songs like ‘Come Around’ from him in the future.

– malbin [@BizzEBlaze]

Brandon Tory ended up on my Timeline from a repost and I’m glad he did. He has a reflective, RnBass sound which is one of my favorite sounds in the game right now. ‘Easy Convo’ just speaks on being able to make an easy conversation with a girl, which is one of the best feelings. He just released his free album SHINE, and this song will definitely have me ready to check out his project and keep up on future material from him.

– malbin [@BrandonTory]

Thanks to a clutch repost from Monte Booker, I got further into a new producer similar to him named montell2099. The New Zealand based producer has a handful of records on his Soundcloud page, but I’m going to highlight his most recent joint ‘reach’. If I had to describe it in three words, I’d say: bouncy, energetic, & shapeshifting.

– malbin [@montell2099]

Hustle Gang/Defient-producer Rory Fresco dropped off his lead single, ‘Act Out’ off of his debut album, Hollywood Rebel. He also has the second single ‘Watch Me’, which you can stream above. ‘Act Out’ is a brazen banger with fresh synth-heavy production provided by himself. Be on the look out for more music coming soon from the 18-year-old artist.

– Tommy [@roryfresco]

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