Soundcloud Diggin’ Ep. 7 12/13/15

This edition of Soundcloud Diggin’s coming a little later in the day than usual but I blame my 3 hour nap after work for that. Matt took most of the duty of filling out our latest Soundcloud finds this week and we hope you enjoy the incredible young talent you’re being put on to.

Zeekio is an artist out of Chicago that might have a regional hit on his hands with his new record ‘Still Goin Shoppin’. The track is starting to get spins on Power 92 in Chicago, & with tracks with Alex Wiley, Lil Herb, King Louie, & others on his resume, don’t be surprised if this man gets poppin’ outside of the Windy City.

– malbin (@LilZeekio)

I can’t take all the credit for this one. I heard this incredible producer Jamie Blake on Soulection Radio which led to me checking out his Soundcloud catalog. His sound’s definitely up that Soulection alley but he’s got a nice library of fresh sounds and real dope stylings. Look to hear more and more from this guy in the future.

– Trixx (@jamieblakebeats)

FHB is an artist that has a huge haze cloud over it. The artist doesn’t have any information out there, and while we know that the artist is a female, that’s really about it. She debuted her debut single ‘Beyonce’ featuring STL artist J.R., who has a hit with Trey Songz blowing up, this month. The ladies are going to love this track – I will tell you that much right now.

– malbin (@FHBOfficial)

Cheikh is an R&B artist out of Baltimore, and this week he dropped off a new single ‘I Just Wanna’. I don’t have much information for you guys besides the fact that he has a heat rock on his hands with this RnBass type track. This is a nice track, & he’s definitely somebody to keep your eye on.

– malbin (@CheikhMac)

So, the record label at my school has teamed up with Chicago producer OnGaud to release a project Compliments To The Chef, coming in 2016, and I just found this out while scrolling through Soundcloud. The first single – ‘You’ featuring Supa Bwe – is the lead single from the project and its definitely a dope track. You probably have heard of these guys before from their work as a producer & member of Hurt Everybody, but this is your opportunity to get to know them better as solo entities working together.

– malbin (@OnGaud @SupaBwe)

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