ABANDONED MALL ARCADE is back with a double-sided single today boosting the tracks ‘X FACTOR’ and ‘SUN’ – two adrenaline boosting tracks. This is the duo’s first release since the release of their debut self-titled EP, which dropped at the end of September.

As usual, Elias Abid handles all production minus some guitar by Quinn Cochran on ‘SUN’, but this time around Elias also offers up some vocals. Though not as aggressive or combust as Jabril Power‘s, they add a much needed layer on ‘X FACTOR’. ‘X FACTOR’ may be their most accessible track to date, but it still maintains their indescribable aura that they have showcased across their releases thus far.

Stream the double sided single below, and read a quote from Jabril. AMA is getting ready to release a bundle of new material the rest of this winter and into the Spring, so this is just the beginning.

“We wanted to drop a double sided single – a throwback to the cassette tape days. So I guess this is sorta like our digital cassette tape. We felt both songs are different monsters of the same family. So why not do a dual release? Hope these songs get your fired up; we’re really eager to do these songs live…in time” – Jabril Power

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