Soundcloud Diggin Ep. 9 1/24/16

It feels like 2016 has been full of excitement coming from the mainstream and the depths of the underground. Great music is popping up everywhere, and we have some really dope new tracks for the ninth episode of Soundcloud Diggin ready for you today. Dig into the vibes below.

Jamila Woods is a Chicago based singer who released her debut single this week via Closed Sessions, whom she also inked a deal with. Jamila is the female vocalist you hear on Chance The Rapper‘s ‘Sunday Candy’ and she was also apart of M&O (Milo & Otis), who you are definitely familiar with if you follow the Chicago music scene. Jamila was interested in “figuring out what a freedom song would sound like in 2016” for ‘blk girl solider’, and I think she got it just about spot on. This is an artist to keep close eyes on in 2016. Oh, and shout out to SABA one time for the production on this joint (along with Jus Cuz). – malbin

169 is a London based singer, engineer, and producer who has had his production work aired on BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra overseas, and he’s getting ready to get his solo career cracking with a new project this year. Here is a cloudy new single ‘Trust’, which I have had on repeat since coming across it. Add this to your late night playlist and chill out. – malbin

Chicago based producer Provsounds released an instrumental titled ‘Shiver’ this week just as the weather in Chicago starts to take a turn for the worst. The sounds on this one feel distinctly organic while at the same time feeling a tad haunting. The tone on this instrumental has a similar tone to his Chakra Waves except instead of feeling warming, this feels cold. – malbin

Albee Al is starting to get some serious buzz out on the East Coast, and the New Jersey based product has his buzz at an all time high after the release of ‘Gettin To The Cake’ featuring Monty & Uncle Murda. The song was rung off on Hot 97 by Flex and the official audio hit the net this week. With a major project on the way, some music with Fetty Wap, label options on the table and a tour popping off in the spring, things are looking up for Albee Alin 2016. – malbin

Ye Ali has a handful of buzz-worthy tracks sitting on his Soundcloud page, but his most memorable track yet might be his new release ‘Cashin Out’. Ye is setting up his upcoming EP Private Suite perfectly with singles like this, and if you’re feeling this song you need to dig further into his Soundcloud. – malbin

Anak1n & Roosevelt The Titan are two of the hungrier rappers in the unbelievably competitive Chicago music scene. Roosevelt is often compared to a Mick Jenkins due to the force with which he emotes his lyrics; a philosopher in his thought process and a pastor in his execution. K1n is more poetic and abstract, often compared to Kendrick Lamar for his confident delivery and clever wordplay. Together the two titans come together in the name of their set Kronos and deliver one of the hotter joint efforts of the new year. The song is produced by Omito and was recorded/mixed by Sherpa at Kronos studio in the northside part of Chicago. – Alexy