Soundcloud Diggin Ep. 12 2/14/16

This week’s edition of Soundcloud Diggin’ is loaded. There’s a lot to delve into here but once you’re finished listening to the new Kanye album, indulge in this budding new sounds.

JJ Adrian is a Canadian native that is currently studying at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. After his debut single caught my eye, I stumbled upon him again with his latest drop ‘Girl From Toronto’. The song feels like a potential rhythmic/pop R&B crossover track hoping for a little beef added to the production to reach it’s full potential. JJ is in the right environment to grow in the right direction, so give him a little time to marinate his skills and he should be able to provide a strong body of work sooner rather then later. – malbin

Producer Eljay has a really dope song titled ‘Love So Fine’ featuring a powerful vocalist named Deverano. The track has an intense up-beat, late night cruising feel to it – something that anybody could enjoy hearing. This track is going to have me tuned into both artists on the track, which is beautiful for a simple discovery. – malbin

Tropical pop seems to be the new trend in pop music, and NY duo Love Taps have a potential monster on their hands with ‘Falling Fast’ featuring Canadian singer Maya Killtron. This track feels massive; ready to take over the spring and festival season that is coming up. Lets just say we need more songs from Maya & Love Taps sooner rather then later. – malbin

Milo Tain is everything you loved about some of the popular 90s R&B and soul acts with his own interesting, modern twist. This joint ‘The Look’ was self produced and written by Milo himself, including a beautiful saxophone section at the middle of the track. There’s something special about artists who feel progressive yet nostalgic at the same time. Milo is certainly in that boat. – malbin

Ronzel is a deep house producer that already has the support of Robin Schulz, which is a big name to have on your side with the type of music he’s making. This new track ‘Reality’, featuring foxy vocals and lyrics by Platon Emil, sounds like a potential smash waiting to take off. Producers like Ronzel are the reason why I’m expanding my tastes so much. – malbin

Producer 9 Theory has an interesting discography over on his Soundcloud page, and I’m highlighting his latest release ‘Next Generation’. The electronic/house fusion features some sporadic vocals from a girl named Torli
that are move or less used as an instrument in the song rather then true vocals. This is not something I would think I would dig, but it is pretty hard to turn off once it is on. – malbin

Smooth keys, personal lyrics, and a building beat are three characteristics to describe Moh Flow’s ‘For You’. This type of music has a very tight line between being original and sounding like the rest of the game, but Moh definitely has his own thing going on over here. This is somebody to definitely keep an eye on. – malbin

Wednzday is an R&B artist from Austin, Texas and she grabbed a feature from fellow Texan Trae Tha Truth for this track ‘Sorry’. This feels like a track that could have been straight out of the 90s. Seriously. Wednzday‘s vocals just float blissfully over this production and this had me digging through the rest of her Soundcloud. ‘Sorry’ should have the same effect for you. – malbin

Barny B, stationed out of the UK, has a song that feels like a musical rollercoaster. Starting off soulful and then turning into a hyped up electronic club rattler, this is an artist that is pushing boundaries and bound to turn a lot of people off. Barney leaves me longing for more full songs in the same tone as the song’s hook, but his soul-dance mixture works perfectly on ‘Free Your Mind’. – malbin

Chase Fetti has worked with the likes of ASAP Rocky, Fat Trel, and a few other bigger names from the east coast, but he’s branching out with his own solo career it appears as he’s been releasing a string of singles on his Soundcloud page. Highlighted by this Dame Grease produced ‘Straight Facts’ – a gritty track that shows off a stunning lyrical ability. – malbin

Marty is a dual threat artist and this track ‘Won’t Stop’ showcases his vocals, rapping, and production off. Apparently residing in Atlanta, Marty sounds nothing like anything that is popping in the scene, but that might be to his advantage. – malbin