Soundcloud Diggin Episode 14 (February 28, 2016)

Another Sunday of recovery from the weekend’s debauchery and we’ve got the remedy on deck. Indulge in the sounds of the incredible new Soundcloud finds we have for you today. Enjoy!

If you like GoldLink, you’ll like Memphis emcee Daz Rinko, as he makes it easily identifiable that the dance tinged rap style has affected what he’s trying to do. I’m loving the music but Daz’s flow definitely still needs some refining but that will come with time and practice. The Memphis emcee is definitely a name to keep an eye on as he and his music progresses. – Trixx

Topaz Jones is a name I feel like I’ve seen many times around the Soundcloud world but never got around to listening to. I caught swing of his new track ‘Wasteland’ this week and I was pretty shocked at what I have been missing. While Topaz shows out with a unique flow on the verses and a pleasing hook that has a slight influence from Prince, the production from Thelonious Martin, Episode, & Topaz himself really steals the show. – malbin

Xavier White has a really dope track on his hands called ‘Is That Love ?’, which is a modern day track that has nostalgic elements of some of the great R&B records of the mid 2000s. The vocals compliment the strings pretty close to perfectly, which make this track a blissful track. – malbin

Even before Chief Keef’s sudden emergence put a microscope on the Chicago hip hop scene, it’s always been a hotbed for hip hop talent. I can sit here and recall countless Chicago acts over the years that have succeeded to different degrees but there was one collective I was big on a few years ago. Their name was 2008ighties and they housed emcees like Julian Malone, Calez, Legit, Fonz E Mak, UG and a few others. They had their peak around 2012 but their hype died down as did a lot of the music. What I’m patiently getting at is that this artist UG Vavy was a member of that clique but he was simply known as UG at the time. Thanks to some Soundcloud Diggin’ I found his music once again and boy is it promising. Listen to this catchy single of his “Sport It”, or you can watch the music video too. -Trixx

Hive Riot is a “synthy, dance-fueled party hosted by the electric alchemy that is Dustin Gledhill and Mindy Gledhill.” That’s in their bio on Soundcloud, but I want to slightly disagree with that statement while speaking on their track ‘Fish Out Of Water’. This track is pure ambiance that will leave you in with a clear conscious once the 3:43 song is up. You sit around waiting for something to pop up and surprise you, but you leave satisfied with what you got with this song. – malbin