Soundcloud Diggin Episode 15 (March 6, 2016)

Another Sunday of recovery from the weekend’s debauchery and we’ve got the remedy on deck. Indulge in the sounds of the incredible new Soundcloud finds we have for you today. Enjoy!

To kick things off, we’re taking you to Canada, just west of Toronto in Brampton. K. Forest‘s the artist a kid with a whole heap of potential on his back. He’s clearly influenced by some of the other sounds of the city, specifically PARTYNEXTDOOR is most definitely an influence. But K. Forest has a different edge to him, an edge that’ll make the third verse of the song a much grittier rap verse, changing the pace of what you thought was just a nice, lighthearted song. This is all present on his new project Forest Fire, which you can listen to above. – Trixx

I’m not a big instrumentals guy (you should start being a bigger one – Trixx), but when you something that’s as undeniable as Goldchain‘s ‘No Sleeping Now’, you can’t turn your back from it. The electronic track is really all around perfect to me with it’s vocal chop and hard hitting drums. Finding this type of music makes you so happy, because now you have a new artist to keep your ears open to in the future. You already know we hit Goldchain with the follow. – malbin

Imagine if Toro Y Moi & Mark Ronson made a baby and added some sophisticated vocals to create a song. That’s exactly what ROBB‘s ‘Goldmind’ sounds like – a progressive song that features vintage synths and jazzy sound structures that help make the track sound like a potential smash hit. This is a feel good song that I have a hard time seeing anybody not liking. I’m definitely going to need to find an album worth’s of material like this from ROBB. – malbin

INSTRUM is another new face to look out for in today’s world of electronic producers. According to the bio of this single ‘Night Rolls’, the song is the producer’s first major single, but the sound on this single sounds like a seasoned veteran putting out yet another great song. The track has a deep house identity with sprinkles of funk paired with some mesmerizing guitar riffs and a memorable vocal performance. Sometimes tracks with this much going on end up falling flat on their face, but ‘Night Rolls’ was done right. – malbin

This song’s pretty incredible and it’s something I’ve been bumping for a while just never shared with the world. Partially I suppose I never shared because the song’s 7 months old and I was waiting for Jhon Myquale to drop something new to share. Unfortunately, my man’s been quiet since but I can assure to you once you let this song penetrate your ear holes, you won’t be able to get it out. It’s got a catchy, rhythmic bounce to it along with some real jazzy elements, in particular a trumpet that blesses the song frequently. Hopefully we get more from Jhon eventually but for now, enjoy this! – Trixx

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