OVO’s Newest Signee dvsn Announces Debut Album ‘Sept. 5th’

OVO’s shown the power of Soundcloud on a major scale on multiple occasions, as quite a few of their artists were discovered from the music streaming service. dvsn‘s rise came from the same platform but this situation was a bit different. dvsn began as a mysterious artist, an artist name with no identity but it didn’t take too long for people to figure out who the mysterious fellow(s) were. dvsn is singer Daniel Daley and major Drake collaborator and producer Nineteen85. The pipeline to OVO was there from the beginning but they’re success as an unknown group was their proving ground.

Tonight they’re debut album went up on iTunes for pre-order. At ten-tracks long, the album’s sure to be an R&B experience worth spending your time on. It features a few tunes we already know, specifically all four tracks they’ve released so far will be on the album. If you’re new to the duo, you can stream those below.

PRE-ORDER: dvsn – Sept. 5th

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