R.A. The Rugged Man & Marcella Puppini – The Greatest (Video)

I’m gonna let R.A. The Rugged Man himself explain this new unlikely collaboration with singer Marcella Puppini. Enjoy!

I was in a lounge in NYC and these insane vocalists came on the radio, so I had someone Shazam it for me and the name The Puppini Sisters came up,” R.A. explains. “I researched them and found out they were one of the leading new school swing groups of the modern era.

“I thought these girls were incredible vocally, so I tracked them down when I was in the UK. Then one of my favorite producers, Mr. Green, randomly sent me a swing type of beat, and I thought it would be perfect for Marcella. So I sent it to her, she loved it, and we made the song for her upcoming solo EP.

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