Tuesday, January 18, 2022


I really love our Soundcloud Diggin’ series, it’s personally helped me find a bevy of talented individuals and this premiere we have right here stems from that. A few weeks ago we included a song from Rozwell, West Banks and Maeve Alexander, a dope song in its own right but it led us to USE℞, a group consisting of Rozwell and Matt Mason. “We’ve known each other since high school and we’ve always seen music in the same kind of light I think. Working with Rozwell is almost like working with myself. Our creativity combined just kinda of creates a stress free medium we can experiment with. We’re both really excited to give the world something we created together.”

I say berserk because there’s a lot going on here. Matt Mason’s faded vocals are covered in the silky guitar riff, the sputtering drums, the crisp bass and so on. It’s a lot to comprehend but it’s just so dope after you get past that initial sense of calamity and I think Rozwell can agree. “Sonically, USER is an experiment. The only rule was that it had to feel right. From a producer/writer perspective I wanted to stay away from too much familiar territory. Its the emotion that everyone feels but no one talks about. That’s how it sounds.”


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