Friday, January 21, 2022

JAY Z Removes ‘The Blueprint’ Series From Spotify

JAY Z has already removed his debut album Reasonable Doubt from streaming services and as of today you can add The Blueprint and it’s whole series to that list. All three entries to the series were removed this past week, with only a few of the hit singles being available on Hov’s Greatest Hits album. The albums are still available on TIDAL, of course, along with Reasonable Doubt, and I think this is going to be a trend going forward. Hov is likely to slowly pull his albums off other streaming services and keep them as TIDAL exclusives, which is a great move for him and TIDAL but not good for his fans. People are not responding well to exclusivity on streaming services, and with one of the biggest artists in the game slowly taking away four of his albums from the biggest streaming service in the world is not going to help that issue.

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