PREMIERE: Niko Chan – The Difference Between Me / You (Album)

I really hope you’ve been paying attention to all the awesome content we’ve been premiering lately. In a constant effort to move music forward, we’ve been trying to deliver you all with sounds that you’re life really needs, which includes the very talented Niko Chan. The R&B artist hails from Toronto and I know damn well that people flock to new R&B artists from the 6 these days so here you are. Niko just unveiled this new 7-track project of his The Difference Between Me / You, a bumpy journey that happens to be so damn smooth at the same time. While I’m sure the weather he created this music in wasn’t too warm, this project is tropical; it’s transporting me into a remote Amazon rainforest which happens to have some speakers poking out of the shrubbery. Head below to listen to what he’s got in store and we really hope you enjoy!

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