Tuesday, January 25, 2022

EMI – Sip The Nectar (prod. Rex Kudo & Charlie Handsome)

Industry plant’s a real popular term that’s thrown around the internet like a frisbee. There’s not much real meaning to the term because especially before the internet age, most every artist would be termed as an industry plant by kids of today. But there are a few artists whose connections go so deep into the fold of the music industry and the big blogs that try to make these artist’s rise feel more organic than it is and Seattle’s EMI fits into that category. It’s not even a bad thing necessarily because most artists are pushed because they’re actually dope in some capacity. And while it’s unfair advantage, it’s how the world works.

I kind of delved into the deep end there but you see what I’m getting at right? EMI‘s a singer from Seattle who has broken out pretty immediately but she does make good music. This is the latest “Sip The Nectar”.


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