Soundcloud Diggin Episode 16 (March 20, 2016)

After taking a break last week due to a busy schedule, we’re back on the grind with this week’s Soundcloud Diggin. Indulge in the sounds of the incredible new Soundcloud finds we have for you today. Enjoy!

Breakups are not the easiest thing in the world. Toronto singer Jhyve sums up the emotional distress that a breakup takes you through on ‘Caged Bird’ – a lush, cinematic song. Everything about this song is really what we’re trying to hear from an upcoming singer. Sometimes, we find dope songs that we’ll listen to a few times and kind of forget about the artist. With Jhyve, we’ve got somebody who’s going to be glued to our radar for a while. – malbin

We’re staying in CanadaliZa is a Toronto based singer that, to my knowledge, just released her debut single ‘Just Chill’. The songwriting on the song features relatable topics that every guy would want their girl to say on a night of just chilling. The production and vocals on this track are very airy – making the track a smooth, soft listen. The song feels mysterious – something unexpected that hits you just at the right time. Plus, there’s a Digimon reference. It’s a wrap. – malbin

Feel good songs really can’t go wrong. WHITERO$E, Troop, & Noncando deliver on their collaboration ‘That Feel Good Joint’ – which is really all you need to know about the song. This is the type of song that just makes you think “how could anybody not like this?” This song will definitely have a place on your summertime playlist. – malbin

Wil$on has a Soundcloud full of random tracks, but his latest release ‘HOT’ is exactly this. Wil$on is an interesting rapper, providing a serviceable flow and a unique voice, but the production on this joint is what allowed this track to be taken to the next level. That and the ‘Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See’ sample throughout the track. – malbin

Sometimes when artists are dripped in vocal effects, it sounds awful. Other times, it’s confusingly pleasant. R.LUM.R spends a portion of ‘Nothing New’ drowned out but finds his place once a calming yet forceful hook comes in. This song is the type you throw on once and you find yourself coming back to it again and again. R.LUM.R is officially on Fashionably-Early’s radar, and he’ll be on yours sooner rather then later. Head over to this kid’s Soundcloud immediately and you’ll see why. – malbin

Brooklyn’s own Rob Scott has no interest in receiving a side eye from you, and he let’s us know that through an infectious hook on his ‘Side Eye’. The song as a whole seems a little long but the hook is so infectious that you’re willing to sit around and wait for it to come back. As a whole track, the performance was noteworthy and intriguing. I am ready to hear more from Robb already. – malbin